Best Essential Oil Diffuser

Although they do not play a very big part in the alternative medicine treatments that you will encounter today, essential oil diffusers are essential for specific treatments. They play an important role in preventive medicine, because they promote a stress free environment, purify the air and allow your body to enjoy the full benefits of essential oils. Further than that, there are certain conditions like asthma, most types of colds, and headaches that can be more holistically treated with the use of essential oil diffusers.

There are in fact several types of essential oil diffusers, some of which are better designed to use in alternative medicine, while others are just great for adding a beautiful fragrance to the environment without overpowering your senses. So we are going to start by giving you a detailed description of each of the essential oil diffusers currently on the market, as well as a rundown of the best product you can find, structured by the intended use, by manufacture, and by the overall quality.


Best Oil Diffusers Overall


InnoGear® 100ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Portable Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aroma Humidifier


An interesting alternative to the PureSpa we have already talked about is the InnoGear Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser. It is an ultrasonic oil diffuser so take the part about it being an aromatherapy device with a grain of salt. You’ll find that this diffuser does an excellent job of releasing essential oils into the air and humidifying a room. Auto-shutoff ensures that the unit stops after the water’s gone, and intermittent diffusing modes ensure that the device lasts for many hours before requiring a refill. In most cases, these features are easy to use, and easy to understand straight from the box.

A number of lights and settings are standard with the InnoGear scent diffuser. Operating the diffuser couldn’t be easier, and you’ll find that it’s durable. With a streamlined design, this diffuser fits most decor settings without looking out of place. The humidifier can help with your health, and we’ve already mentioned the benefits of essential oils. If you’re in the market for a larger unit, you’ll want to look elsewhere because this one’s on the small side.


Greenair Spa Vapor Advanced Wellness Instant Healthful Mist Therapy


Although it’s not the prettiest diffuser, the GreenAir SpaVapor+ is more durable than most units. Its mechanical bits are protected by extra anti-corrosion materials. Extra protection helps keep the unit running longer than comparable diffusers, and this one doesn’t skimp on the features, either. Like similar units, operation is simple due to excellent controls that aren’t confusing in any way. Rotating LEDs atop the unit can be turned on or off at will, and they add to the ambience of the diffusion.

You can expect four hours of runtime with this device, and its 150ml reservoir is somewhat on the small side. For medium rooms, the performance is adequate and slightly above average. You won’t regret spending the money on this oil diffuser due to its extraneous features and performance capabilities. The Instant Wellness Oil Diffuser uses five to six drops of essential oil, so it does use a little more oil than the average unit, but the difference is negligible.


VicTsing® Electric Aromatherapy Essential oil Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier with Color LED light and Auto


If you’re looking for a unique design, then the VicTsing Oil Diffuser offers exactly that. A wood grain finish provides an extra air of elegance, making this perfect for luxury settings. Minimal water and essential oil is required to produce hours of mist, which can purify and clean the air. Being an ultrasonic device it is not that expensive, but the design, with a gorgeous wood grain insert, makes it look like a much more expensive device than it really is.

You’ll find a colored LED atop the machine as well as features like Auto-Shutoff and more. The other great thing about it is the fact that it is very small and light so you can easily pack it up and take it with you wherever you go. For the most part, cleaning the unit itself is simple, and the cleaning power of the humidifier combined with essential oils is high. We really love this diffuser and, on the design aspect alone, it is the one oil diffuser that we would recommend as the perfect gift.


Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy with Relaxing & Soothing Multi-Color LED Light


The first thing that needs to be said about the Calily Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser is that its design was created in total opposition of the VicTsing: while it looks good enough to be displayed, it was actually intended to be easily concealed so only the smell tells of its existence. You can hide this diffuser in a room or place it in plain view. With a quiet operation setting, the Calily Oil Diffuser can even be placed on a nightstand while you sleep. It runs on tap water and the essential oil of your choice without the need for expensive distilled water. If you’re out of oil, then the machine still acts as a humidifier.

The entire unit functions as an LED light with seven different colors to choose from. Coupled with oil diffusion, you’ll have the perfect atmosphere to relax in. With a few drops of oil, you’ll notice a given scent without it being too overwhelming, so the machine avoids a common diffuser problem. Nothing is worse than getting too little or too much of a scent. We recommend Calily’s diffuser based on price, simplistic design, and performance.


ZAQ Allay Essential Oil Diffuser LiteMist Ultrasonic Aromatherapy With Ionizer


This mid-sized oil diffuser runs for 4 hours on only 80ml of water, which is quite impressive from an efficiency standpoint. ZAQ Allay has created a unique looking diffuser that looks like an upside down lamp more than anything else. From the base, a conical structure erupts and features a light that shines the color of the cone.. If you don’t fancy the light, it can be turned off with a simple switch. The LED lights are fairly soft and haven’t proven a distraction to us, though.

It’s hard to find such an efficient and attractive diffuser in one affordable package. ZAQ Allay’s LightMist Aromatherapy system is ultra-quiet and diffuses essential oils in the most efficient manner possible. During each use, the oils are turned into mist without damaging the compounds within the oil that provide therapeutic benefits. We think you’ll appreciate this unit for everything it offers, and the only thing that we would have liked to see improved was a larger oil tank.


We understand that people have time restrictions and other obligations throughout the day. If you’re running late and don’t have time to read the full guide, then here’s the product we recommend purchasing. Here’s a quick breakdown of why:

Our pick for the best diffuser is the PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser, which is an ultrasonic unit. This is our first choice because it is the perfect blend between quality and price. As you will read later on, the ultrasonic technology is not the very best if you are looking for a medical treatment unit, but it is great if you are just looking for a good way to release a nice scent through your house. It is very well priced and the quality of the workmanship is very close to flawless.

PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser - Compact Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser With Ionizer and Color-Changing Light


The diffuser itself features an effective diffusion area that’s suitable for medium-sized rooms. A water tank and a few drops of essential oil will continuously release a beautiful fragrance for 7-8 hours, which is quite a lot for a diffuser in this price category. As far as the noise level is concerned you’ll barely hear the PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser, and that’s in stark contrast to other scent diffusers that sound like small engines.

With the PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser you can still get some of the benefits of aromatherapy effects from essential oils. The unit is effective at refreshing rooms and removing even the strongest odors. Quiet operation ensures that it can be used in any setting, even locations that require absolute silence like a bedroom or even the children’s bedroom. It is actually great for children’s bedrooms because it also works as a night light that can be set to cycle through different colors or that can be tuned to a specific color all through the night.

PureSpa’s diffuser is perhaps the best aromatherapy diffuser based on price, features, and ease of use. We have nothing but positive things to say about it, as long as accept the fact that this oil diffuser is designed specifically to give off the beautiful smell of the essential oils it uses.




Ultrasonic oil diffusers create sonic vibrations, which is to say extremely high frequency and fast movements in the water and essential oil mix so that they evaporate at a very fast rate. This type of electric diffuser is cost-effective, and prices never get too high. Most devices are simple to use, and ultrasonic devices double as humidifiers, which are perfect during winter months in many households.

On the other hand, the dilution of the essential oils with water makes these devices less potent. An ultrasonic oil diffuser releases fewer oil particles than a nebulizing diffuser, but it is also a lot more affordable. Also, you need to take into consideration the fact that citrus-based essential oils should never be used in an ultrasonic aroma diffuser as this can damage the machine.


A heat diffuser uses electricity to heat essential oils to a relatively high temperature. After reaching the designated temperature, the oils will start to vaporize into the air. Electric diffusers are perhaps the simplest option for users. A simple switch activates the diffuser, and then it’s ready to vaporize oils within minutes.

Such lamps are more affordable than other types of diffusers. It should be noted that electric diffusers are not as effective as nebulizing or ultrasonic diffusers. Still, they act as the perfect introduction to scent diffusers without costing too much money, so performance is more than adequate based on these factors.


A nebulizing diffuser takes advantage of an atomizer for maximum effectiveness. The atomizing technology was designed and is constantly improved in the automobile industry because gas comes in a liquid form but in order to get the perfect bang it needs to be quickly turned into a gas. An atomizer squeezes the liquid through such a narrow nozzle at a high pressure so that it breaks down into a gas. That means no water or heat is necessary for this type of diffuser to work. When the atomizer is activated, it atomizes essential oils into fine particles that cascade into the air. The oils aren’t diluted by water, which means that nebulizing devices release the most essential oils.

Diffusers that rely upon an atomizer do tend to burn through more oils than other options. Likewise, you might not enjoy the sound of the atomizer squirting out the oil every few minutes. A nebulizing oil diffuser is also somewhat on the expensive side too. It’s hard to argue with the performance of these diffusers, though.


Most evaporative diffusers take advantage of a fan that blows air through a membrane pad. The membrane pad is covered in a small layer of essential oils. As the air blows through the pad, oils evaporate faster than they normally would. This diffuses the oil particles and aromas throughout the room very efficiently.

Electric diffusers that rely upon an evaporative effect will always make some sort of noise that may become stressful in very quiet rooms. On top of that, compounds within essential oils are diffused at different speeds. However, you need to take into consideration the fact that essential oils are actually comprised of several different components, and the lighter ones evaporate first, and this can reduce the therapeutic effects of oil diffusers, if you’re big on aromatherapy.


The reed diffuser is perhaps the simplest mechanism of diffusing essential oils. Small reeds, or sticks, are placed in a container of essential oils. After a few minutes, the reeds will absorb the essential oils and release their aromas throughout the surrounding area. It’s a simple yet effective fragrance diffuser. Reed-based systems tend to cost very little money.

Reed diffusers take a little more time than electric oil diffusers, and the same goes for atomizer-based systems. Also, this option releases a large amount of aromas, but other compounds in the oils remain on the reeds. You won’t want to pick up a reed diffuser if aromatherapy is your end goal.

Best Oil Diffuser for the Money

Given that the average price of an oil diffuser is somewhere in the $30 to $40 range, the Orbis Nox Merus Aromatherapy Diffuser – Professional Grade can be thought of as one of the most expensive products of its kind on the market. However, it is well worth the money and, as long as you can afford it, this is the one oil diffuser that really is better than anything else on the market today. For one, it is a nebulizing oil diffuser, which means it uses an atomizer to pulverize the essential oil into a fine mist. Given that the process does not alter the molecular structure of the oil, this is the perfect choice for aromatherapy, ayurvedic treatments. It does not need to heat the oil, nor does it use water, so the full structure of the essential oils is preserved.


We also love the design of the Orbis Nox Merus, because it uses only wood and glass in its design so, again the oil is perfectly preserved and does not get oxidized by contact with iron, or does not pick up any nasty chemicals from contact with plastics. Its glass atomizer also has the added benefit of being a fascinating central piece in your home as you can actually see the oil being atomized. It was actually funny to see different people coming over just to gaze at the atomizing process for several days while we were working on reviewing this diffuser.


The Now Foods Ultrasonic Wood Grain Oil Diffuser costs just under $40, and we find that price more than reasonable. You’re getting extra value by paying for a scent diffuser that’s worth more money. For the price, you get an aromatherapy diffuser with excellent performance and proper diffusion of essential oils. A full eight hours of runtime on a rather large water reservoir is incredible for this price range, and cleaning the unit takes seconds.

Now Foods Ultrasonic Wood Grain Oil Diffuser


Each Wood Grain Oil Diffuser is BPA-free and features an LED light that changes colors. The ultrasonic technology is highly efficient and puts more essential oils into each particle released. Since there’s no heat involved here, you don’t have to worry about burns or damage should the unit tip over and spill out. Other units under $50 aren’t designed as well as this unit, and they often lack such a large water tank for extended usage times.


Currently, the SpaRoom Aromafier Ultrasonic Diffuser is far below $20 and actually costs closer to $10. You’re not going to get best in class performance here, but the unit does an admirable job with 3-5 drops of essential oil. It runs on battery, USB cable, or AC adapter, which gives you a variety of options during the day. Fortunately, the Aromafier doesn’t require water to function, and it holds just enough oil to make the aroma noticeable.

SpaRoom Aromafier Ultrasonic Diffuser


You can consider this one a portable unit, and that adds to its functionality. For that reason, this is a versatile $20 unit that shouldn’t break down or fail to work when needed most. In fact, given how little it costs, we were amazed by the obvious quality of the workmanship that went into the construction of this oil diffuser. Plus, buying one and replacing once still costs less than the average diffuser, so you know you’re getting a good value here.




The Young Living Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser belongs in your home right now. It’s a highly effective yet quiet essential oil diffuser with great performance. Unlike other devices, Young Living has added built-in sounds to the device from powerful speakers, or you can play your own music from it. LED lights add atmosphere to the Aria, although you can turn off both music and lights with ease.

Young Living Essential Oils Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser


Even as an ultrasonic diffuser, the results are excellent. You’ll smell the essential oils in the air without the aroma being too heavy or too faint. We have to appreciate such a well-balanced oil diffuser, despite its somewhat high price tag.


For car use, we have chosen the Living Beatitudes Aromatherapy Car Diffuser. It plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter and can be positioned in multiple ways to stand upright. Little electricity is used by the diffuser in order to function. To use this device, you simply pour a couple drops of essential oil onto the storage plate, and then it functions like a normal essential oil scent diffuser.

Living BeAtitudes Aromatherapy Essential Oils Car Diffuser


Unlike other car diffusers, this one is safe and works incredibly well. You only place three to four drops of oil in the reservoir, so there’s little risk of the unit falling and dousing your vehicle in oil.


Room diffusers require extra capacity in order to produce desirable results. We believe that the Essential Oil Diffuser from Bellasentials does exactly that. With a capacity of 350 ml of water, this ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser is great because it can be used in extra large rooms or offices and it will not run dry in just a couple of hours. In fact its runtime is 8 hours on High mode, and 12 hours on a lower setting. Such results are hard to come by with anything else.

Essential Oil Diffuser Best Aromatherapy Humidifier Mist Aroma with Color Changing Lights for Home


The machine does a more than adequate job of diffusing oils throughout large rooms, and we happen to like how this room diffuser looks. You won’t be disappointed by performance or price here, and longevity is unparalleled.


We have made several references so far to the health benefits of using an essential oil diffuser, in particular about its use in the Ayurvedic, or Traditional Indian medicine. The basic concept is that different plants have various health benefits and, if you have any type of lung problems, like suffering from a cold or even asthma attacks, the most direct way of treatment is to somehow expose the lungs to that treatment. It is why even in Western medicine, tuberculosis hospitals are placed in the middle of pine woods where the essential oils are naturally diffused. So using an essential oil diffuser is an even better alternative because it allows you to specifically target the perfect oil combination for your specific problems.

We could break things down by category like Best Oil Diffuser for Allergies or Best Oil Diffuser For Sleep. However, we’re going to provide two recommendations of diffusers that tend to help users with everything ranging from asthma, cough, frequent headaches, and even asthma.


This oil diffuser from ZAQ Noor is a humidifier and ionizer in one to promote a healthy living space. Therefore, you can expect higher quality air filled with essential oils thanks to this machine. It features a small and attractive design that’s easy to put in any room. We love how quiet the machine is, and the ionizer helps produce a number of health benefits that you’ll want to consider.

ZAQ Noor Essential Oil Diffuser LiteMist Ultrasonic Aromatherapy With Ionizer and Color-Changing Light


We’ve found that the ZAQ Noor Essential Oil Diffuser does an adequate job at improving overall indoor air quality. You can “blame” this on the ionizer as well as the right selection of essential oils. For these reasons, allergens are less likely to stick around, and that can lead to less coughing and sneezing as well as other benefits. We recommend this one for households with common allergens.


While the healthy benefits you would get from the ZAQ essential oil diffuser stem mostly from the fact that it doubles as a humidifier, and, of course from the partial benefits of the oils used, if you want to rip the full effects of the oils you will need to spend a little extra and buy a nebulizing oil diffuser. We have already talked about the Orbis Nox Merus, and we are going to give you a very interesting alternative in the doTerra Advanced Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. It is somewhat more expensive than the Orbis, and it does not take as much care in keeping the oil from touching plastics or iron. However, it allows you perfect control over how much oil it will use, so you can focus on high intensity treatment sessions, or you can set it on low and just use it to freshen up the air in a room.

Advanced Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser


You can set it up to work for a specific period of time or you can set it to always be on. The fact that it simply vaporizes oil and it does not heat it up means the health benefits of the oils are left intact. It vaporizes the oil into extremely small particles, 3 microns in diameter, which means they are easily absorbed, but also that they stay air born for longer periods of time and, therefore you get to feel their presence for a longer periods of time.




We happen to enjoy using Young Living diffusers, and our top pick for the brand is the Bamboo Diffuser. Unsurprisingly, its design is inspired by bamboo, and its performance is hard to match. The Bamboo Diffuser is an ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser and can disperse particles over 30 meters. A convenient 1-4 hour timer is included as well as an LED indicator light.

Young Living Bamboo Aroma Diffuser


You won’t find the size of this unit too cumbersome, and it’s not that difficult to clean, unlike other diffusers. Some packages of this diffuser include a handful of free essential oils, which is always a nice bonus. Without a doubt, that built-in timer comes in handy to avoid wasting essential oils, and we’re impressed by the build quality of the entire device.

Since we’re talking about an ultrasonic diffuser, the particle dispersion is affected by the water dilution. That’s to be expected with ultrasonic diffusers, but we can’t get past the other positives and benefits of the Bamboo Diffuser.


Thanks to an atomizer, the doTERRA Lotus Diffuser produces unparalleled results. This essential oil diffuser makes use of a different process for atomizing oils than other diffusers. By using a different process, the Lotus Diffuser releases particles that are easier for the skin to absorb. In theory, better absorption aids in the effectiveness of aromatherapy.

doTERRA Lotus Essential Oil Diffuser


From a design perspective, the Lotus Diffuser is second to none. An elegant and sharp design coupled with excellent performance is hard to come by. Perhaps the only design flaw is the bright blue light emitted by the diffuser. Still, we can’t argue with the overall design because it’s a real conversation piece in the home.

Small and medium-sized rooms will benefit most from doTERRA’s Lotus Diffuser, and that’s been backed up with our use of the device. It emits pleasant aromas without any issues as long as the unit is placed in a room that’s moderately sized.


Deneve’s Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser is one of the best-reviewed diffusers across multiple outlets, and we would have to agree that it really impressed us as well. It features a small, rounded design, reminiscent of a river rock, hence the name. Once again, we’re looking at an ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser, and it can run 4-5 hours per filled water tank. Coverage extends to medium-sized rooms at the largest.

Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser by Deneve


As a fragrance diffuser, the Riverock excels in nearly every area. Each unit is easy on the eyes, doesn’t require much effort to use, and the diffusion level is truly impressive. You’ll find that the unit is quieter than other ultrasonic options on the market, and the machine performs well at combining water and essential oils for a pleasant aroma, not to mention therapeutic effects.

A simple design and simple operations help this unit stand above the rest of Deneve’s offerings. It’s the company’s best diffuser by far, and our only minor complaint is that it doesn’t run longer per filled tank.



For the best diffuser oil, we’ve chosen Radha Lavender Oil for several reasons. The main (and only) ingredient is guaranteed to be 100% lavender oil. Each drop of the oil is sourced from Bulgaria, under the strictest EU regulations, so you can be sure of a high quality product. At a reasonable price, you’ll receive 4 ounces (120 ml) of lavender oil, which features a variety of benefits.

Lavender Essential Oil - Big 4 Oz - 100% Pure & Natural Therapeutic Grade


Lavender oil provides a soothing and relaxing effect when diffused into the air. Plus, its smell is subtle but powerful, and you should find the aroma pleasant. Many people utilize lavender oil to stave off headaches or reduce their severity. Others use the oil’s aroma to help them relax. Then again, lavender oil can be used outside of diffusers in massage oils and body wash.

In conclusion, Radha Lavender Oil comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. It’s an affordable, effective, and guaranteed product, so we can’t really argue against that.


Obviously, you should never opt for quantity over quality to get more of something. The Feel Scents Reed Diffusers ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice quality. They span a length of 12 inches and come in a shade of brown. Each diffuser is made from high quality materials, and they offer better wicking properties than other diffuser sticks, especially at this particular price range.

Feel Scents Natural Rattan Reed Diffuser Replacement Sticks


These particular reeds should be replaced once per month, and turning them upside down every few days helps increase aroma diffusion. We recommend these sticks because they walk the line between being priced well and working almost flawlessly.

60 total reeds should last more than a few months in the average household. If you’re running multiple reed oil diffusers, then you won’t have to worry about spending a fortune to do so.


Technically speaking, any glass container will work as a diffuser bottle for reed diffusers. We’ve chosen the Nakpunar Corked Bottle for its spherical shape and included cork. You can fill these bottles with ease and then fit a few reed sticks in for good measure. On a per bottle basis, you won’t be spending a fortune, and they’re small enough to fit in any space.

Nakpunar® Corked Bottles

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We like these particular bottles because of their simplicity, and they work well enough as diffuser bottles. Like most small bottles, they can be somewhat difficult to clean out, but that’s not a huge problem if you’re using them for essential oils. You won’t have trouble refilling these bottles, but we do recommend ordering a handful to meet all of your oil diffusing needs.

With the included cork, you get some extra convenience because the bottle can be closed off while not in use. It’s a small touch that we particularly like, and it helps avoid wasting oils.


The Thymes Frasier Fir Oil Refill works with all reed diffusers, which should be obvious. It contains a mixture of Siberian Fir, cedarwood, and sandalwood. In our opinion, the scent is so realistic that we’re surprised a forest isn’t included with each bottle. You’ll receive 230 ml with each bottle, which is more than enough to top up your reed diffuser several times with ease.

Thymes Frasier Fir Reed Diffuser Oil Refill


We find the price on this particular oil refill a little high, but the fragrance is hard to best. This particular product, we admit, is lacking in the essential oil area, at least for common therapeutic oils. Regardless, a strong but pleasant fragrance goes a long way in helping you feel relaxed and stress-free at home.

If you consider this option, then you’ll want to pick up a couple of bottles on sale whenever possible to avoid paying too much for each bottle.


Ultimately, you should take all the health claims of the Eastern Traditions with a grain of salt. They have been shown to work, and the traditional, Western medicine is constantly getting inspiration from these traditional treatments. However, perhaps the best thing about all essential oil diffusers is the fact that they put you back in charge over the substances you use to freshen up the air in your home or car. You can be sure that you are not breathing in nasty chemicals because you are the one deciding what you are going to use.

As you have probably noticed most of the essential oil diffusers we have featured here are ultrasonic devices because those are the most affordable and yet provide the best quality; plus they double as humidifiers. The thing is that nebulizers are actually a better alternative, and we have given you 2 of the best choices on the market today, so, if you can afford them, we would dearly recommend going with them. Finally, you should not entirely discount the use of reed diffuser as they are quite efficient and fun, and this is just our opinion, but they also make the best display pieces on the market. Whatever choice you decide to go with though, as long as you are bent on using a device that will change the fragrance of your home, we hope that you decide to go with the natural choices we have given you here.